Dennis McMullen

Advertizing Rates

Rate effective as of July 1, 2018

This web site is not paid for by the Juniper Ridge HOA. It is the property of Dennis McMullen and is provided as a service to Juniper Ridge Home owners and agents.

Those listings posted to the web site before June 1 are not affected. Any new listing or renewal after July 1 , 2018  the new rate will apply

Advertising rates are as follows:

  1. One time set up fee is $35 non refundable.
  2. one listing  is $7 per month per lot,
  3. the second listing is $6 per month per lot,
  4. the third is $5 per month per lot,
  5. the fourth listing is $4 per month per lot,
  6. the fifth listing  is $3 per month per lot
  7. the 6th listing is $2 per lot.
  8. and the 7th listing and above is $1 per lot.

One listing for both For Sale and For Rent will be consider as a two listings. A listing starts on the day it appears on the web site and on the printed list. 


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